​Millimeter-Wave Mixers

Millimeter-Wave Mixer

Teledyne Lincoln Microwave design and manufacture custom Single Balance Mixers for operation up to 110 GHz.

All our devices are based on our beam lead Schottky diodes produced at our in-house Semiconductor Technology Facility.

The benefit of using these higher functioning semiconductors can be seen in the performance that Teledyne Lincoln Microwaves obtains from its millimeter-wave Mixers.

For ease of use, we also offer integrated solutions which comprise Local Oscillator and Filters matched to our mixer for optimum performance.

Millimeter Wave Mixers At a Glance

  • Up to 110 GHz
  • Custom designs using proprietary components
  • Integrated frequency converter modules
  • Wide dynamic ranges
  • High isolation
  • High linearity
  • Low conversion loss
  • ITAR free​

 Additional Information

Ka Band M​ixer

To get the best performance from a mixer at millimeter-wave frequencies requires the use of Schottky diodes with extremely low forward voltage drop. This characteristic enables very fast switching action of the diode. Fast switching Schottky diodes are of such rarity and value that Teledyne Lincoln Microwave maintains an in-house capability to produce GaAs beam lead Schottky diodes at its Semiconductor Technology Facility. Our diodes are ideal for use in applications to 110 GHz. ​