​​3 Port Devices


Teledyne Lincoln Microwave supplies 3 port circulators and isolators that operate from UHF to V Band. They are available in a range of different packages; planar microstrip, coaxial and waveguide.

3 Port Devices at a Glance

  • UHF to V Band
  • Low insertion loss
  • Typically >20dB isolation
  • ITAR Free

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WG25 (WR15)
Isolator operating
over 500MHz BW in the 60GHz region. Typical use for Gunn based oscillator isolation, but suitable for any low loss application.


Drop​ in circulator.
Power handling to 1000W Peak and options up to 3000W peak. Isolation >25dB

WG4 (WR975)
Junction circulator. Liquid cooled, capable of up to 100kW CW in the 900MHz heating bands.

 Common Specifications

Operating Frequency Range
Insertion loss
(dB, max.)
Power handling
(kW Peak)
Return Loss
2.7 – 3.1. 0.25 2.5 25 min 18 min
8.85 - 8.95 0.4 30 20 min. 20 min.
9.0 - 9.6 0.3 100 20 min. 20 min.
34.5 -35.5 0.3 0.25 max. 20 min. 20 min.
61.5 - 63.5 0.6 0.001 max. 18 min. 18 min.

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 Additional Information

The properties of circulators and isolators depend on the choice of the ferrite.

Teledyne Lincoln Microwave’s design knowledge is built on decades of working with ferrite materials and a deep understanding of the interaction between an electromagnetic wave and magnetization within each ferrite type, contributing to optimum system performance.

Waveguide circulators and isolators have by far the best electrical characteristics and can be specified with insertion loss down to less than 0.2 dB in some cases. For microstrip and coaxial circulators and isolators, the insertion loss will typically rise to between 0.5 and 1.0 dB. Note that the wider the bandwidth, the poorer the insertion loss and isolation will be.

In operation, even low loss devices can present a thermal management challenge. Ferrite properties change at elevated
operating temperatures and their performance degrades accordingly. Design for efficient heat dissipation from the ferrite is essential to ensure temperature and performance remain stable. Teledyne Lincoln Microwave achieve excellent thermal stability through design techniques maximizing​ the thermal dissipation from the ferrite material.





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