Multi-Functional Modules Overview

Integrated RF Head Asse​mbly

​Teledyne Lincoln Microwave has seen a growing demand from customers to supply integrated assemblies which afford the functionality normally delivered by multiple discr​eet components.
The reasons for transitioning to an integrated approach can be summarized as:

  • Offer greater flexibility to optimize​ interfaces.
  • Each element is designed with its preceding and following components in mind.
  • Reduce supply chain management commitments
  • Reduce size, weight and power
  • Reduce interconnects 
  • Standardized power supplies
  • ITAR Free

Buyers may have concerns that the required design effort may be excessive or the breadth of expertise too wide. The preference may be to sacrifice performance for spreading risk. The solution is a collaboration with Teledyne Lincoln Microwave. Teledyne has the necessary mass to deliver projects, small and large, with expertise covering every aspect of your transmitter and receiver and a pedigree reaching back 70 years.​

Integrated RF Head Assembly

Case Study - Surveillance Radar

Above is an X-Band radar receiver sub-system assembly for use in a ground
based surveillance radar. Read the story behind it here.