Gunn Diodes

Gunn Diode
in Sc​​rew Package

The Gunn diode is the best known and most readily available device in the family of transferred electron devices (TED). They are employed as DC to microwave converters using the negative resistance characteristics of bulk Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and only require a standard, low impedance, constant voltage power supply, thereby eliminating complex circuitry. Teledyne Lincoln Microwave’s DC1200 series of GaAs Gunn diodes is designed for operation at fixed frequency (determined by the oscillator cavity) within a specified band under CW or pulsed conditions.

Gunn Diodes At a Glance

Hot electron injected Gunn diodes offer the following advantages over conventional Gunn Diodes:

  • Higher fundamental frequency operation, increased efficiency,
  • Improved temperature stability,
  • Reduced FM sideband noise.
  • ITAR Free

 Additional Information

​A conventional Gunn diode generally consists of three layers; a relatively low doped transit region sandwiched between two highly doped contact regions. Performance of Gunn diodes is improved by injecting high energy, ‘hot electrons’, into the transit region. These devices, designed and manufactured by Teledyne Lincoln Microwave, are referred to as Hot electron injected or Graded-gap Gunn Diodes.

For Gunn Diode users an important parameter to consider is package style. Teledyne Lincoln Microwave Gunn diodes are designed for use is various package styles covering the frequency range 4 to 110 GHz and suited to a variety of applications. Custom packaging requirements will also be considered upon request. The following package limitations need to be taken into consideration:

  1. Thermal Resistance: The lowest thermal resistance is offered by screw-based packages. For high volume, lower power applications where time to assemble an oscillator is more important, non-threaded packages may be preferred. 

  2. Frequency Range: The magnitude of the parasitic impedances attributed to the package element reduces with the package size. Consequently, the larger, more robust package styles are normally specified for operation at lower frequencies and the smaller, low parasitic impedance packages are recommended for higher frequency applications.

  3. Magnetically Tuned Circuits: For applications involving magnetically (YIG) tuned oscillators, Teledyne Lincoln Microwave Gunn diodes can be supplied in Kovar-free packages.