Schottky Mixer Diodes

Beam lead Scho​ttky Diode

Teledyne Lincoln Microwave GaAs beam lead Schottky diodes for the up/down conversion of millimetre wave detected signals are designed for applications which demand ultimate performance. The device is easily assembled onto a wide variety of surface mount substrates using thermo-compression, thermo-sonic or epoxy bonding techniques.

Schottky Mixer Diodes At a Glance

  • Low series resistance.
  • Low capacitance for high conversion efficiency.
  • High burn-out resistance.
  • Matched pairs available.
  • 100% tested for CT, RS, VF, IR and n.
  • 100% visually inspected.
  • Good mechanical strength.
  • ITAR Free

 Additional Information

Beam lead Schottky diodes are manufactured at Teledyne Lincoln Microwave’s Semiconductor Technology Centre, a semiconductor wafer processing facility within the University of Nottingham’s School of Physics. With repeatable wafer-to-wafer / diode-to-diode characteristics, our devices offer a cost-effective form of using Schottky diodes. The DC1346 series are GaAs Beam Lead Schottky diodes. Designed for ease of use, the diodes feature co-planar gold leads that extend on either side of the central semiconductor chip

Generally, Schottky diodes are selected specifically for the user’s application. Therefore, the following course of action is recommended:

  1. Contact Teledyne Lincoln Microwave’s sales team to discuss requirements.
  2. Request a sample of the diode best suited to the application.
  3. Trial the diode and feedback results.
  4. Discuss any reliability assurance testing required prior to placing a purchase order.
Variants, such as matched pairs to different matching parameters, are available.