Linearizers & Equalizers



In most RF amplifiers, the gain will vary somewhat over a wide frequency range. Equalizer or Gain Shape pre-amplifiers are used in a number of applications where it's necessary to flatten the gain characteristic of a propagation path. Teledyne Lincoln Microwave has a long heritage of suppling pre-amplifiers into airborne applications where a shaped input gain response to a MPM (Microwave Power Module) or TWT (Traveling Wave Tube) is needed to compensate for the gain variation within the tube.


In order to increase efficiency and to meet the telecommunications standards the RF amplifier is often used close to compression, where the device behaves in a non-linear way. Many different techniques have been proposed and applied to extend the linear range of the power amplifier response. Linearization techniques such as digital pre-distortion (DPD) are used to pre-compensate these effects, Although not all RF frontends allow for linearization methods.

Teledyne Lincoln Microwave linearisers offer an effective means of linearizing an efficient yet non-linear power amplifier by creating signal distortion (amplitude and phase) that is the complement of the signal distortion inherent in the High Power Amplifier (HPA). The signal to be amplified is first passed through the linearizer, distorting the signal, with no loss in gain. The distorted signal is then fed to the High-Powered Amplifier to be amplified. The distortion inherent in the High-Powered Amplifier negates the distortion introduced by the linearizer producing a near linear transfer characteristic and enabling the transmission of RF signals utilizing spectrally efficient linear modulation schemes with a lower consumption of DC power.

 Linearizers & Equalizers at a Glance

Broadband Equalizer​ 6 - 18GHz

  • The maximum input power will be typically +20dBm
  • The Small Signal Gain (SSG) will be typically +15 to +30dB 1dB output compression will be typically +15dBm to +23dBm
  • Saturated output options available up to +27dBm
  • Input and Output VSWR 1.5:1 max
  • SSG flatness typically 1dB with temperature compensation available.
  • Frequency ranges between 0.5-40GHz with nominally +/-20%BW. Wider BW available.
  • TWT equalization options available
  • Operating Temperature -50'C to +85'C
  • All units have power supply regulation with reverse and over voltage protection. Input voltages from +/-5V to +/-15V can be accommodated.(Priority switching fitted as standard)
  • ITAR Free

 Common Specifications

​'Chip and Wire' production facilities available at Teledyne Lincoln Microwave allow designs to be realised using bare semiconductor die as well as more commonly available packaged transistors. Use of bare die provides options in design for thermal management and efficiency.
Noise figure
Small Signal Gain
1dB compression point 
0.5-1 <2 >30 >25
9-10 <2.5 >25 >25
16-17 <3 >23 >25
34-36 <5 >25 >23

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