​Coaxial Receiver Protector

X Band coaxial limiter

Where size, weight and power handling are the principle constraints, a TLM air-spaced coaxial limiter range provides an excellent compromise between waveguide and microstrip limiters. These devices are able to withstand higher power levels than microstrip solutions but still retaining a relatively compact package, Teledyne’s designs offer a low insertion loss and incorporate the same wide range of features as our waveguide limiters. Suitable for continuous operation at peak power levels of several kW's and mean power levels of 100's watts with sub- microsecond recovery time - over 10% bandwidth in <100mm length (at S-Band).

Coaxial Limiters At a Glance

  • Multiple stages concatenated to increase the overall level of attenuation ensuring lowest possible leakage levels
  • Parallel PIN diode elements increase the power capabilities whilst maintaining fast switching thereby ensuring swift recovery from high isolation to low insertion loss state - improving short-range radar capabilities.
  • Passive Schottky bias networks improving power withstand and switch-on times.
  • Digital or analogue controlled attenuation
  • STC (sensitivity time control)
  • Noise source
  • Transitions between RF media (waveguide / coax / stripline)
  • Built in test equipment (BITE)
  • Blanking
  • Power detectors
  • ITAR Free

 Common Specifications

Operating Band
Frequency (GHz)
Peak Operating Power
Pulse Width
Duty Cycle
Insertion Loss
Flat Leakage
Spike Leakage
Recovery (-3dB)
1.0-1.2 0.2 2 70 1 1.4 : 1 0.3 100 200 3
207-2.9 0.2 0.25 100 10 1.4 : 1 0.3 100 500 0.1
2.7-3.1 0.4 3 100 10 1.4 : 1 0.6 100 500 1

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 Additional Information

X Band coax​ial limiter

​Teledyne uses our custom packaged PIN diode designs across our range of coaxial limiters.

The PIN diode is embodied in an air-spaced coaxial structure, providing the high levels of isolation required to protect sensitive receiver elements whilst retaining the characteristically low insertion loss.

The higher power limiter options incorporate multiple PIN diodes in each stage with passive Schottky diode bias networks to extract maximum power handling from the PIN diodes. This design approach optimises the peak operating power without compromising other performance parameters.

Additional system functions can be incorporated within the limiter offering a net SWaP-C (Size, Weight and Power - Cost) benefit over discrete components.





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