​Receiver Protectors Overview

Teledyne Lincoln Microwave has a proud heritage of designing and manufacturing world class Receiver Protector / Limiter products. Our devices are used across the globe, in the air, on the ground to shield mission critical systems from damage by synchronous and asynchronous sources of RF Power.

In the presence of high power RF signals, it is operationally critical to protect the host radar receiver from damage that would cause sustained loss of situational awareness.

Teledyne Lincoln Microwave provide dedicated receiver protection elements for both conventional and phased array radar system architectures that are capable of withstanding high incident powers from the host radar transmitter and any remote radar and non-radar transmissions, offering technical solutions within waveguide, coaxial and stripline architecture utilising solid-state and gas switch technologies.

Solid-State receiver protectors have replaced gas-filled TR Cells in the vast majority of radar systems as diode design, packaging and drive schemes have developed to improve the power-handling capability of the solid-state device. Whilst the solid-state limiter can handle all normal operating power levels, in extreme cases of very high peak operational power levels, or where a high-power fault condition may persist, a gas switch can be included to significantly enhance power-handling capability.

With over 70 years of radar system, component design experience Teledyne Lincoln Microwave is uniquely positioned to provide a complete integrated receive sub-system, incorporating our world-class receiver protection, to meet your specific needs.





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